“The Life”

Stories From The Life is a series based on the adherents to a BDSM philosophy known as The Life. In this series, The Life, as a philosophy, was created by a Polish BDSM enthusiast named Pavel Bór and his closest disciples. It’s a business. Master Bór inherited his South Polish castle complex from a line of sex slave trainers. During World War II, his grandfather was a Nazi collaborator who trained sex slaves for high ranking German officials until the Russians drove the Nazis out. Grandfather Bór was then enlisted to engage his talents for the USSR. Master Bór’s father took over the family business and aided the USSR and other nefarious groups in the sex slave industry in an attempt to keep the ancestral lands from confiscation.

Right before the fall of Communism, Pavel took over. He saw that the world had changed greatly. The sexual slave trade was being prosecuted in courts around the world. In an attempt to protect the family business he transformed the training of sex slaves into a legitimate business. He utilized his family’s talents and reputation to reinvent his services.