Doctor Punishment in Las Vegas (Published August 21, 2017)

In his day job as a street-hardened cop, Rob is the quintessential manly man, but he has a big-time secret–he loves to be medically humiliated and let a woman take control in bed!

He looks forward to his annual physical with his normal (somewhat hot) primary care physician all year, but he never has the nerve to take things further.

This year, however, is different.

A strange, new (and VERY hot) female doctor examines him instead, and then, as punishment for a “bodily indiscretion” he couldn’t help having, she has him come over to her house afterwards for a whole weekend’s “special exam,” where she introduces him to a whole new world of medical kink and domination in the freedom and privacy of her own home.

Rob’s life changes completely, and he learns what it means to express his true nature as a submissive. But is he still man enough to do what it takes when the time comes to turn the tables?

This story recounts how Dr. Kim – “The Life”’s Doctor Punishment herself – met her beloved submissive, Rob, and became his dominatrix and wife. (Dr. Kim made her sultry debut in my earlier book, Doctor Punishment, but each story stands on its own and does not require reading any other book in the series.)

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Letters From "The Life": Volume 3 (Published August 10, 2017)

Sally the Sow: A Story From “The Life” continues to delight readers from all parts of the country, and here are three more letters from those inspired by her story of being taken to the very brink and beyond.

Carly’s Bath in “Goo”

Carly has a fetish–she loves to see the moneyshot, and her fantasy is to be surrounded on all sides and be covered by multiple men’s “happy endings.” One day, she manages to make her wish come true!

Gabby Meets the Gang

Gabby is insatiable. She loves her boyfriend, but one man simply cannot satisfy her. Eventually, she “convinces” him to bring in other men, and they search high and low for good guys until they’re able to have a giant one-time session of fantastic group fun.

Taking it to the Wrist

Shelly was adventurous in bed… VERY adventurous, and this made her boyfriend happy, VERY happy. However, one day, inspired by an erotic story she read, she goes way over the top to a place he refuses to follow. Can she convince him to go where no hand has gone before?

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Revealing Her Jewel and The Curse of Eve (Published August 1, 2017)

You may have first met professional dominatrix, Mistress Mimi, in Penance Weekend, and now she’s back in all her BDSM glory in Volume 2 of The Mistress Mimi Chronicles.

In these two sessions Mimi focuses her dark heart on her live-in sub, the ever so slutty Ruby.

Revealing Her Jewel

Mistress Mimi gave Ruby her name because she knew it would embarrass her, but the world didn’t know why the name “Ruby” was so fitting… that is, until the mean-spirited Mistress ensured that Ruby’s “jewel” would always be on display.

And the way this was done shows just how much Mistress Mimi revels in cruelty…

The Curse of Eve

Ruby loves being a woman… except when a certain monthly visitor arrives. As if the “Curse of Eve” weren’t enough, Mistress Mimi uses Ruby’s natural cycles to enhance her discomfort and show her new levels of torment, as she uses every aspect of her sub’s life for her sadistic pleasure.

Letters From The Life: Volume 2 (Published July 28, 2017)

The Taking of Kitty

Kitty loves to go for a run in the morning, but when she gets home from her jog, someone unexpected is lying in wait. Soon Kitty’s world gets turned upside down when her Master takes her on a terror-filled ride.

Camping Naked

Michelle and Jeff love to go camping, and they love to have sex. But can Michelle handle living naked for a weekend and let her natural odors arise? Jeff wants to know his girlfriend in her most natural state and won’t take no for an answer. Will she have what it takes to fully let go of her attachment to societal norms?

Bringing A Blush To My Cheeks

Jessica liked to avoid chores, so Greg would punish her by making her service him in fun ways. But one day he spanks her instead, and inspired by an erotic story, Jessica is surprised to learn she’s a pain junkie. Soon, Greg takes Jessica on a pain-driven journey of self-exploration that frees her of her fears.

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Penance Weekend (Published May 9, 2017)

Mistress Mimi enjoys the life of a New York professional dominatrix. She lives with her two “absolute submissives” who attend to her every need and submit to her whims of pain and pleasure.

It is into this world of bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism that John and Carla spend their weekend. John, the mild-mannered dentist, endures forced sensory deprivation, cross-dressing, and all sorts of physical and psychological torment.

Carla, the man-hating lesbian, on the other hand, endures far more than just physical or emotional suffering. She must come to grips with her sexuality and the source of her hatred.

Together, John and Carla take the journey of self-discovery with the cruel Mistress Mimi as their guide. But where will their journey take them when every small mistake is met with severe punishment, and their bodies are considered to be like property that Mimi can let anyone use?

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New Book: “Abby’s Defilement and Redemption”

As the sexual revolution and counterculture of the 60’s swept across America, young Abigail struggled to find her identity in her South Boston, male-dominated family’s misogyny. Falsely branded a slut, Abby decides to escape her father by living with her boyfriend where they can experiment with their bodies, explore their desires, and follow their passions.

But following one’s passion has its price. When Abby’s inhibitions give way to her desire, misguided choices lead to awful consequences. In a single fateful night, Abby’s consent to experiment in the bedroom damages her body beyond repair, costing her the love of her life, all hope of being a mother, and all attachments to her family.

Cast out into the cold Massachusetts wind, Abby is taken in by three Harvard rich kids, but their help doesn’t come free. Forced to fulfill their every need, Abby must work as their slave. When she’s not cooking or cleaning for them, they bring her passions to the forefront, temporarily freeing her from her guilt and shame through intense moments of ecstasy and pain.

Despite the physical attention of three men, Abby remains haunted by nightmares, believing she is undeserving of love and beyond all hope of redemption. She continues to seek out punishment, reveling in degradation and humiliation, that is until the mysterious man in her nightmares teaches her to use physical pain to release her emotional pain.

Can Abby, the South Boston slut, find self-forgiveness, love, and redemption under the guidance of her Master?

My First “Letters From the Life” Book

Inspired by stories from The Life, these three letters share how the kink community can take a scene from a story and live it themselves. Follow them as they play out their own version of some of the kinkiest stuff in print.

Olivia Oinker

After reading about using fruit to engage internal sensations, Olivia seeks out a partner to experiment with. To her surprise, Olivia finds out her close girlfriend has certain tendencies that make her perfect to engage Olivia in her journey.

When Olivia kisses a woman, among other things, for the first time–and likes it–her experimentation goes beyond even what her fantasies had envisioned.

Harry the Hog

After they read about an intimate act while eating, harry’s wife proposes they play out the scene, each taking the dominant and submissive roles on different days.

Can Harry the Hog handle being treated like a sow while he eats from the trough?

Buffet Between Her Legs

Reading about using food in its most intimate and sensual way, Julie engaged her desire, letting her dominatrix friend use her body like a buffet table.

But, it’s the dessert in her loins that give the submissives reason to give Julie extra attention–and for their Mistress to give them extra attention from behind.

Another New Book: The Torment of Sally the Sow

On all fours like a sow, nothing covering her plump body, Sally looks at the crowd of jeering men and wonders how she could possibly service them all.

But she would have to. Master Philip demanded it, and she has sworn to do anything he asked, no matter how humiliating.

Sally is no stranger to pain and humiliation–the life of a lonely fat woman is tough. So when Phillip introduces her to a new world of public degradation, food-based kink, and mind-warping pain, she relishes her master’s torment as he stretches and uses her in every way. She welcomes the opportunity to be his good little piggy–even if it costs her everything she has left…

Scheduled Publication Date: February 2, 2017.

New Book! “The New Sub: Ultimate Domination”

Ben was young, ambitious, and excessively cruel. He didn’t lie to himself about what he wanted from a woman—her absolute and unlimited submission.

Ben already had one live-in sub who met nearly all his needs, except one. One sub simply wasn’t enough for him, even if she was naked and at his beck-and-call 24/7, but when Dee joins their household in an attempt to prove she can handle all the rigors of Ben’s dominance, Ben’s tests of her submission push her to the brink. But Ben has to know—does Dee have what it takes to be his… new sub?

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