Submissive Women From “The Life”: Volume 1 (Published Jan 19, 2018)

Note From the Author

For my first bundle I selected three stories that aren’t in any of my smaller series’. All three are about the sexual journeys of submissive women who have to confront their nature in a world that sees sexually expressive women as loose and immoral, but they have to also deal with the even harsher judgments related to living in the BDSM lifestyle. The sex is, always, intense. But, I’ve always seen that as just part of my characters’ lives. Importantly, I believe that their type of sexual expression is so defining that it completely effects their entire life’s journey. So, it is intertwined in every decision they make, which sets the whole plot.


Book Description

These three submissive women just can’t get enough!

Abby fell in love with pain at an early age. Before long, she became Mike, John, and Dan’s live-in submissive. Can she overcome her shameful past and find true and lasting love?

Cynthia’s sexual desire never seems to be sated. In fact, the only thing she loves as much as getting it, is being a toy for her much older Master. Before long she finds herself on the horns of a dilemma: Can she give up all other men and live only to serve him, or will she continue her nymph-like ways with every single guy in town?

Steve needs to know everything about a woman, including her pain threshold. Anna just can’t get enough of being her man’s subject for painful experimentation. Before long, romance leads to a punishing honeymoon in the tropics.

Three of Siola Retsam’s hottest female submissives give themselves completely to these alpha male doms. Finally available in a single volume, you’ll enjoy your private submissive harem as they endure painful punishment and sublime orgasms.

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