Pauline’s Transcendence Through Pain (Published October 20, 2017)

Note From the Author:

Well, the series is progressing, and my last Sally the Sow book gave hints about how powerful and influential the elite sex society “The Life” is in the world. In this book I wanted to do three things. First, I wanted to highlight that there are many practitioners of the philosophy called The Life who aren’t in the elite society, but these “common people” are still highly influenced by the hidden “New World Order” types. Sally was brought into that group to be a plaything, but not every one is welcome.

Second, I wanted to address that the philosophy isn’t accepted by everyone in my little fantasy world. This matters because in the “real world” there are a lot of people who abuse others under the guise of being some sort of BDSM Master or Mistress, but are really just bullies looking for willing victims. I kind of took the characters of Sonny and Pauline to an extreme, but not too extreme. A big part of why I’m writing this series is to preach to the choir in relation to these dangerous wannabes, while educating people who don’t really understand BDSM relationships.

Third, I wanted to delve into an aspect of sex, and in particular this kind of sex, that people don’t often discuss: spiritual transformation. BDSM/kink enthusiasts enjoy their lifestyle for infinite reasons. For some, the masochist can reach heights of ecstasy like none other—but only if they completely lose their sense of self. In other words, their ego is entirely removed from the equation, and they have no barrier between themselves and whatever it is that constitutes “God.”

Like I said, not every kinkster is looking for this. Master Ben in this series isn’t. He’s much more like Sonny in this story, except that his submissives fully understand what they’ve gotten into, unlike Pauline.

All this may seem a bit preachy, but I’m really just trying to present a more full representation of the BDSM landscape than what other popular BDSM writers present. Realism was at the forefront of this project, and its a promise I’ve wanted to keep all along.

This story was a lot of fun, though. There’s a sex position with Pauline and Bonny that I accidentally created and can’t wait to try. I think the story is worth reading for that little invention alone!

Enjoy and have fun!

Book Description

Pauline feels terrible that Sonny, her boyfriend and dom, has offended Master G.T. and Bonny, his sub. In an attempt to make amends, she offers herself to them for a session of humiliation, degradation, and correction. What follows is Pauline’s physically and emotionally painful education of what a BDSM Master is and is not. Soon she is taught how her climax can be used to bring her to a new understanding of her true place in the universe.

But first she has to rid herself of the lies and misconceptions of what she really is. Through a mix of pain, humiliation, and pleasure, Master G.T. takes Pauline and Bonny on a journey of inner exploration that only the most capable Master can induce.

In Pauline’s Transcendence Through Pain, Siola Retsam masterfully expands his groundbreaking series, and returns us to Master G.T., who appeared in the first book in the overall series. (Prior reading of any of the Books From The Life is not required to understand this book). Readers won’t believe the innovative position Master G.T. employs with his two willing submissives in their session together. Once you read this story you’ll want to recreate this innovative combination for yourself!

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