Doctor Punishment in Paradise (Published September 29, 2017)

Note From the Author

People really loved Doctor Punishment. I mean, I never had a response to one of my books, before or since, like I had with that one. The funny things is, I only wrote it to get inside Doctor Kim’s head because she’s going to be in an upcoming novel. (I did the same thing with Abby, and it was another of my most read and bought books… go figure!) It was supposed to be a one-off.

But when I create a character I do up a whole bio on them, and Kim’s bio was super interesting to me. Robert’s, not so much… I mean, he’s a strong, silent cop. What makes him tick is that he likes medical kink. So what? Kim truly is his better half, and with good reason. She’s far more interesting.

I was reading “Stolen Lives” by Malika Oufkir when I wrote this book. She didn’t use a lot of scenes in telling her story, which all the writing books pretty much advise is “required.” Instead, she just tells what happened to her and her family, and the result is a riveting book. That style influenced the first part of my new book, and the preliminary reads by my friends were very positive. So much for the writing books’ advice.

Enjoy the second Doctor Punishment prequel–it was a blast to write!

Yours in The Life,


About Doctor Punishment in Paradise

Being a bit of a deviant, Kim began to study medicine and became a doctor because she was fascinated by sex and wanted to learn everything she could about the human reproduction system. When she finally got some actual “hands on” experience, however, she quickly learned that there’s a lot more to sex than just the physical act of copulation.

She loved sex so much that the idea of being with just one person was unthinkable, but she hated the way society would judge her for that. She began to search for her own type of people–people for whom sex was a way to bond with each other and who held no jealousy or required so-called “fidelity.”

Kim’s journey took a twist when she found her ideal mate in Robert, and at first she was torn between her need for multiple partners and the need to have him in her life. While they were sorting this out, though, they had a lot of fun because, though Rob’s day job is being a tough, streetwise cop, he secretly enjoys medically-induced humiliation, degradation, and pain. Kim learned that she’s also a dominatrix!

Their love for each other and passion for “playing doctor” was infectious, so infectious that Kim’s friend, Dr. Jessica, decided she simply must join in the fun. While vacationing together in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, they treat Robert to a double-dose of doctor punishment.

But there’s trouble brewing in the tropics too. A psychopath is terrorizing the local prostitutes, who happen to be Kim and Jessica’s patients. Can Robert protect his doctors from a madman bent on his evil scheme to brutalize?

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