Cynthia’s Icy Day in Hell (Published September 22, 2017)

Note From Siola

I’ll admit I experimented a bit with this one. The challenge was to have the female submissive reveal her description of her dom over time while leaving us all in some of the darkness and blinding lights she experiences. Her cruel ass dom does a lot with very little, as well, which is the mark of his Master. Dreaming up ways to use only nipple clamps, a dildo, and a butt plug as the primary torture devices while keeping things fresh was a fun challenge as well. More with less!

Yours in The Life,


Story Description

Cynthia has only just begun to taste her adulthood, and she loves how it tastes. She’s found she has a nearly insatiable appetite for sex that runs to the extremes.

She pushes the limit with more than just lots of liaisons–she also experiments with pain as a tool for heightened release. Once a week she steps out of her safe world of parties and plain vanilla fun and visits a dom to learn just where the line is between pain and pleasure. The only older man in her life, her dom, the sadist, Master Allen, is more than happy to teach her, but in each session he extracts a heavier and heavier price.

In this session, Cynthia is led deep into her inner darkness and discovers a capacity for service to her dom she never knew was possible. In the icy hell of Master Allen’s dungeon, Cynthia must decide if she will abandon her life, just as it’s getting started, to live at her Master’s feet, or continue only as his occasional plaything.

Cynthia’s Icy Day In Hell is the next installment of sessions from inside the ultra secretive elite society known as “The Life,” by the Master of Darkness, Siola Retsam. It is sure to awaken something dark inside any reader.

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