Debasing Vickie (Published September 15, 2017)

Note From the Author

When I started this project I set out to write about more than just people engaging in BDSM. I set out to tell stories about people’s lives, with their sexual journeys playing a significant role in their personal growth. I also wanted to confront many of the screwed up social perceptions about sex.

In this story, I had a lot of fun at the expense of puritanical views. I think that absurdity is hilarious, and the misguided social “requirements” that Vickie was living by really highlight how she became the neurotic mess she was when she met Mistress Mimi (who happens to be one of my favorite characters). Portraying her as a more enlightened person for letting go of self-consciousness through a lesbian BDSM relationship may seem like moralizing while railing against moralizing, but, well, that’s how it goes, folks. Erotica doesn’t deserve its bad rap, and the fact is we all deserve to enjoy our bodies without hypocritical interference from those too cowardly to enjoy theirs. So, I took some shots at the puritanically blind, but the sex scenes are hot!

Yours in The Life,


Debasing Vickie Blurb

Vickie shudders. She is on her hands and knees, the Mistress she just met right behind her. I’m not a lesbian, am I? she wonders. She feels her Mistress press forward, and she knows she’s about to find out the answer. But, does she truly want to know? What have I done? she thinks to herself as she gasps…

For Vickie, being born into wealth and privilege was a curse. The cold, loveless New York penthouse her parents raised her in left the physically awkward, but highly competitive Vickie focused on receiving what her father’s money could never provide her—his love and affection.

Driven to get her father’s approval, the skinny, plain-faced Vickie rejects her artistic ambitions to follow in her father’s footsteps in the cutthroat world of international business. But her art isn’t the only thing she’d rejected, and once she’s away at college her “father issues” lead her to her professor’s bed, where he gives her an adult education. Vickie, the avid student, quickly learns the ways of sexuality through pleasure, pain, humiliation… and the heartbreak of infidelity.

When the heartbroken Vickie enters a competitive intern pool, she soon finds out that this men’s club is no place for a woman—unless you’re the talented and beautiful Mimi. Driven to succeed and prove her value to her father, Vickie befriends Mimi to learn the secret to her success.

But when Mimi agrees to teach Vickie how to find her inner specialness, she’s shocked to find out that Mimi is an adherent of The Life, and a dominatrix. Soon, Mimi helps Vickie confront her inner demons through her special brand of “therapy,” comprised of feminine sensuality, pleasure, pain, and submission.

But will Vickie obtain the inner strength she needs to handle the painful truth about her father?

You don’t have to have read the Mistress Mimi Chronicles to enjoy this prequel, but you’ll surely be hooked on Mimi once you read this latest installment from the Master of Domination and submission.

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