Letters From The Life: Volume 5 (Published September 8, 2017)

Volume 5 of the enticing Letters From “The Life” series is for all you BBW lovers.

Just what is it about Big, Beautiful Women? Here are three letters from members of the kink community, each one about two submissive BBW’s having their very first lesbian experience under the guidance of their Master.

Each dom has his own ideas of fun ways to humiliate or make his subs squeal in pleasure, like rolly-polly oil-wrestling, spanking, and clamping. There will be plenty of dildos, slapping of fat behinds, jiggling, and wiggling! One guy even uses buckets of water and tubing with a douche attachment for a crazy endurance contest.

Use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature to see the full list of kinks and possible trigger warnings.

When Good Wrestlers Go Bad

Jeff’s a big, muscular guy who loves to control the action in the bedroom. Inspired by an erotic story, he gets two of his BBW friends to wrestle for rewards. See how crazy things get When two big women have their first oily love session.

The Sexathlon

Jasper takes his inspired reading to a new level when he puts two BBW’s against each other in three sporting events. But, when the rewards encourage experimentation, these women begin a new journey into the realm of feminine intimacy.

Filled, Fondled, and Spanked

Jake has found two big, beautiful women in his new hometown of Paris, France. But when he devises a little competitive water-sports for these hefty submissives, experimentation turns luscious. You won’t believe how far things can get twisted when this dominant male entices these curious pleasure-seekers to engage in some harmless fun in the City of Lights.

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