Letters From The Life: Volume 4 (Published August 23, 2017)

Inspired by Stories From “The Life,” these three letters share how the kink community can take a scene from a story and live it themselves.

Follow them as they play out their own version of some of the kinkiest stuff in print.

The Pleasure of Pressure

Jenny and her boyfriend love to play doctor, but one day, he gets a little too creative and devises a special “test” for her which involves a lot of water going where the sun don’t shine.

Can she take the pressure and pass the test?

Something to Prove

This fun-loving couple takes turns as dom and sub, inventing new and exciting ways to spice things up. When its her turn, she devises a medical probe, sure to take things to the next level. Her idea is so intriguing it even draws in another woman who simply must see how things turn out.

When You Gotta Go

Jim and Sarah met Mistress Jasmine in a “novelty” bookstore, and their relationship hasn’t been the same since. Every week they wait, barely able to contain themselves, so they can submit to her new and exciting session ideas. But “containing themselves” takes on a whole new meaning when they explore one of nature’s universal calls for relief. Enthusiasm turns to urgency as this couple explore like they never have before.

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