Revealing Her Jewel and The Curse of Eve (Published August 1, 2017)

You may have first met professional dominatrix, Mistress Mimi, in Penance Weekend, and now she’s back in all her BDSM glory in Volume 2 of The Mistress Mimi Chronicles.

In these two sessions Mimi focuses her dark heart on her live-in sub, the ever so slutty Ruby.

Revealing Her Jewel

Mistress Mimi gave Ruby her name because she knew it would embarrass her, but the world didn’t know why the name “Ruby” was so fitting… that is, until the mean-spirited Mistress ensured that Ruby’s “jewel” would always be on display.

And the way this was done shows just how much Mistress Mimi revels in cruelty…

The Curse of Eve

Ruby loves being a woman… except when a certain monthly visitor arrives. As if the “Curse of Eve” weren’t enough, Mistress Mimi uses Ruby’s natural cycles to enhance her discomfort and show her new levels of torment, as she uses every aspect of her sub’s life for her sadistic pleasure.

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