Penance Weekend (Published May 9, 2017)

Mistress Mimi enjoys the life of a New York professional dominatrix. She lives with her two “absolute submissives” who attend to her every need and submit to her whims of pain and pleasure.

It is into this world of bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism that John and Carla spend their weekend. John, the mild-mannered dentist, endures forced sensory deprivation, cross-dressing, and all sorts of physical and psychological torment.

Carla, the man-hating lesbian, on the other hand, endures far more than just physical or emotional suffering. She must come to grips with her sexuality and the source of her hatred.

Together, John and Carla take the journey of self-discovery with the cruel Mistress Mimi as their guide. But where will their journey take them when every small mistake is met with severe punishment, and their bodies are considered to be like property that Mimi can let anyone use?

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