My First “Letters From the Life” Book

Inspired by stories from The Life, these three letters share how the kink community can take a scene from a story and live it themselves. Follow them as they play out their own version of some of the kinkiest stuff in print.

Olivia Oinker

After reading about using fruit to engage internal sensations, Olivia seeks out a partner to experiment with. To her surprise, Olivia finds out her close girlfriend has certain tendencies that make her perfect to engage Olivia in her journey.

When Olivia kisses a woman, among other things, for the first time–and likes it–her experimentation goes beyond even what her fantasies had envisioned.

Harry the Hog

After they read about an intimate act while eating, harry’s wife proposes they play out the scene, each taking the dominant and submissive roles on different days.

Can Harry the Hog handle being treated like a sow while he eats from the trough?

Buffet Between Her Legs

Reading about using food in its most intimate and sensual way, Julie engaged her desire, letting her dominatrix friend use her body like a buffet table.

But, it’s the dessert in her loins that give the submissives reason to give Julie extra attention–and for their Mistress to give them extra attention from behind.

Another New Book: The Torment of Sally the Sow

On all fours like a sow, nothing covering her plump body, Sally looks at the crowd of jeering men and wonders how she could possibly service them all.

But she would have to. Master Philip demanded it, and she has sworn to do anything he asked, no matter how humiliating.

Sally is no stranger to pain and humiliation–the life of a lonely fat woman is tough. So when Phillip introduces her to a new world of public degradation, food-based kink, and mind-warping pain, she relishes her master’s torment as he stretches and uses her in every way. She welcomes the opportunity to be his good little piggy–even if it costs her everything she has left…

Scheduled Publication Date: February 2, 2017.