New Book! “The New Sub: Ultimate Domination”

Ben was young, ambitious, and excessively cruel. He didn’t lie to himself about what he wanted from a woman—her absolute and unlimited submission.

Ben already had one live-in sub who met nearly all his needs, except one. One sub simply wasn’t enough for him, even if she was naked and at his beck-and-call 24/7, but when Dee joins their household in an attempt to prove she can handle all the rigors of Ben’s dominance, Ben’s tests of her submission push her to the brink. But Ben has to know—does Dee have what it takes to be his… new sub?

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My New Book: “My Body Is His Forever”

Steve has a compulsive desire to explore every aspect of a woman’s body. Anna has a compulsive need to let him. Neither of them could maintain a relationship because of their kinky needs, but Steve’s domination of Anna’s body reveals to Anna her nature as a submissive. Now, Anna lives to be put through Steve’s harsh exercise routines,painfu1 spankings, and intensive nipple tortures. For Anna, her body is Steve’s to use, abuse, and consume… forever.


Scheduled Release Date

January 20, 2017